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Radical Self-Expression at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City

To view more photos and videos from Black Rock City, explore the Burning Man location page, browse the #BM2014 hashtag and follow @missjessrose on Instagram.

“It’s way more than you can imagine,” says Jessica Rose Yurasek (@missjessrose), describing Black Rock City, the site of the annual Burning Man festival. Each year, a global tribe of artists, makers, and performers converge in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, birthing a pop-up city of more than 60,000 “Burners” and their acts of radical self-expression.

In contrast to an inhospitable physical terrain, which ranges from scorching heat to torrential rain, Jessica sees Black Rock City as an inspirational place of generosity and creativity. The weeklong gathering culminates with the burning of a towering wooden effigy known at “the Man”, and then disperses, taking care to leave no trace in the desert.

“If we as humanity can build this,” she says, “then I have hope for our future.”


Dive into “SEA” in ISSUE 35: Wildcard Preview the full issue at Jason KamerathModels: Addam Silver, Corri Ann Thomas, Sean Thomas, and Sela Vave.


Dive into “SEA” in ISSUE 35: Wildcard 
Preview the full issue at

Photographer: Jason Kamerath
Models: Addam Silver, Corri Ann Thomas, Sean Thomas, and Sela Vave.